Access to professional customer service managers of UiitN to help you with any problems you may encounter
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About our company
Building a quality service business unit
UiitN helps all investors and clients to generate the most effective profits by helping them to understand the risks of trading and help them to grasp the profit while reducing the risk
Company Values
UiitN helps all investors and clients to generate the most effective profits
Our mission
Helping clients and investors understand the risks of trading,and help them to grasp the profit while reducing the risk
An Easy-operate platform
Discover a fast, user-friendly trading platform for trading CFDs with us
Advanced Support
Access to professional customer service managers to help you with any problems you may encounter
Events and Networking Opportunities
Occasional to hold exclusive events and advanced educational seminars. Join with other like-minded traders
What we do
UiitN enables thousands of traders to use CFDs to seize their opportunities in forex, cryptocurrencies, commodities,etc
Our service
UiitN always provide the best service for success!
We want our customers to stay with us. Therefore, our business is based around being on your side and wanting you to make profitable transactions
A professional Senior Customer Service Officer
To provide regular analytical advice based on expert analysts
A quality customer service support team
Security of funds
A trading platforms with zero spreads
Exclusive higher volume rebates may be available
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Service Users
UiitN has served over 196,000 clients from various industries
Our clients include doctors, engineers, designers, data scientists, business managers, governors, entrepreneurs and research scientists
Client's positive feedback is our achievement
Client's satisfaction is our goal!
New analytic tools can help manufacturers inearnings by double-digit, and it is a secure and simple on-demand with total percentages
With over eight years of relationship management experience in the financial services industry. Before joining UIIT, Emma gained extensive knowledge of the trading environment while working for an Australian wealth management firm focused on high net worth individuals. Combining her trading knowledge and account management experience, Emma is passionate about building valuable relationships and discussing strategies with experienced traders to deliver the best results for our clients
Senior Customer Manager
He has many years of experience in the trading industry. Before joining us, he worked as an execution trader on the trading company of our London headquarters. He is experienced in the execution of telephone orders (DMA and OTC) in US and UK equities, equity options, forwards and US and Hong Kong stock index futures. He now oversees our relationship with our valued premium clients, providing bespoke account management, trade execution and dispute resolution services
Senior Customer Manager
She has over 15 years' experience in debt capital markets and risk management, before joining us, she used to be the Head of Markets from Morgan Stanley. Her main focus: helping companies raise capital, from both the equity and bond markets
Senior Customer Manager
Previously, he was a US equity strategist and Chief Investment Officer of both the Institutional Equities and Wealth Management divisions. As Chief Investment Officer and Chairman of the Global Investment Committee, he uses best-in-class research to provide unique market insights to institutional and wealth management clients. He joined JP Morgan Chase in 1989 as an investment banker. In 2012, he was appointed as Chief Information Officer of the Wealth Management business. He is currently a professional analyst at UIIT+N and has nearly 40 years of experience in this industry
Senior Analyst
Global Markets
Full of opportunities
View thousands of the world's most popular CFD financial instruments, get free real-time quotes, and explore endless trading opportunities.
UiitN champions the bold to achieve the extraordinary business!
Client’s feedback is our achievement
Frequently Asked Questions
New analytic tools can help manufacturers inearnings by double-digit on It is a secure and simple on-demand, the total percentages.
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Access to professional customer service managers of UiitN to help you with any problems you may encounter
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