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Motorcycle Insurance

We offer the best motorcycle coverage available on the market.  Most insurance providers only offer the basics, while we offer a wide range of possibilities for each and every bike.

Full replacement, Plus no depreciation for parts

Full replacement means that we will return your motorcycle to pre-accident condition or better. If your five-year-old front tire with 10,000 miles on it gets damaged and its depreciated value is $50, but a new tire costs $150. We pay the full $150 and not the depreciated value.

Brand new bike, Total loss coverage

We offer full MSRP for a brand new motorcycle, minus your deductible for all bikes no more than one year old on a new policy and two model years old during a renewal of total loss coverage.

So if you bought a bike for $15,000, but now it’s only worth $10,000… If it’s totaled, and the latest model costs $15,000+, we’ll give you $15,000+ as long as it’s eligible for total loss coverage at renewal. If your bike is no longer eligible, your policy still covers the actual cash value for what it’s currently worth.

Gear and personal belongings coverage

We allow you to add add coverage for just about all of the personal property you carry on your motorcycle so it’s protected if it’s damaged or stolen. This includes camping gear, safety gear, and even your phones.

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